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In an effort to continue to promote and implement the objectives and strategies of the National Recreational Boating Safety Program Strategic PlanStrategic Plan Report the International Boating and Water Safety Summit presents the general sessions, breakouts and hands on activities which directly relate to the objectives and strategies of the Plan. We encourage you to attend and PARTICIPATE in as many events and breakouts as possible so that you may take back to your organizations the knowledge needed to implement the National Recreational Boating Safety Program Strategic Plan in your communities.

Please do not hesitate to check with NSBC and NWSC Executive Directors or any member of their boards and staff. They will be happy to assist you in your direction to meet the goals of the Plan. We welcome you and invite you to join us as ACTIVE participants of IBWSS.

IBWSS 2015 Program
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IBWSS 2015 Brochure

IBWSS 2015 Brochure

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